Datang Lagi, ya!

(Please come again)

Writers: Erna Fitriani | Illustrator: Dewitrik

Gugun attanded street parade and saw a giant puppet Ondel-ondel for the first time. He peeked inside the puppet and was immediately transported to the world of ondel-ondel. A fantastic adventures awaits gugun and the magical worlds!

Street parade of puppet Ondel-ondel in Jakarta. form far away, people can hear traditional music. instantly kids will watch it and followed wherever the ondel-ondel go.

What is Ondel-ondel?

Ondel-ondel is a large puppet figure featured in Betawi folk performance of Jakarta, Indonesia. Ondel-ondel is an icon of Jakarta. Ondel-ondel are utilized for livening up festivals or for welcoming guests of honor, usually in pairs.*


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