Pandu, The Ogoh-Ogoh Maker

Author: Ary Nilandari | Illustrator: Dewitrik

The Story

Hana feels lonely when her friends are busy preparing for the coming Nyepi. Nyepi is the Silence Day, commemorated every Saka new year by Balinese. Hana knows it, still being alone is awful. So when she sees Pandu, the boy who makes her cry, she approaches him. Pandu is making Ogoh-Ogoh, a symbol of his bad, to be burnt in the eve of Nyepi. But Pandu’s Ogoh-Ogoh is funny. It is supposed to be scary and means. So Hana helps him makes changes. Hana hopes, after Pandu burns his Ogoh-Ogoh, burns his bad, he will be nice to her.  

The Achievement

Pandu, The Ogoh-ogoh Maker got the 1st Runner Up at The Scholastic Picture Book Award 2015 for the unpublished picture book.


The concept is using traditional parchment mixing ink and cross-hatching technique bringing the culture of Bali through this illustration.

© 2019 by Dewi Trik